nathaniel morse

After spending over a decade writing, performing and touring for bands such as, Fire! Santa Rosa, Fire! and Manor, Nathaniel set about designing a purpose-built recording studio to facilitate his love of songwriting and production. As the in-house Composer at Elysian Fields, Nathaniel works with labels, bands and artists, Mixing, Producing, Songwriting and Mastering, as well as creating bespoke compositions for Film, TV and Advertising.


Caitlin Duff

Caitlin grew up on the coast of South Australia listening to her parents record collection spanning Crosby, Stills & Nash, Cocteau Twins, Nick Cave and Tori Amos. In 2012, after spending her teenage years writing, recording and touring across Australia, Caitlin moved to Melbourne to pursue a career as a Music Supervisor for Film, TV and Advertising. Still writing and performing as vocalist for Manor, Caitlin also looks after the Syncs & Licensing, Digital Marketing and A&R whilst composing/producing vocal arrangements for Artists and labels alongside composition work for Film, TV and Advertising.